Thursday, February 5, 2009

Financial Permaculture: What Is It?

Financial Permaculture from Greg Landua on Vimeo.


  1. Hey Keith, cool vid and project hey!
    Do you know if the biz template they used was specially designed for financial permaculture, or were the FP biz ideas made to fit into a standard plan template?

  2. Leigh,
    Unfortunately I did not attend the FP event and cannot answer your question. You might find the answer at

  3. Thanks Keith, I emailed them and CC'd info at permacultureactivist FYI.

  4. I can answer that. The biz template came from some of the experts in business incubation who were brought in to "seed" the break-out groups. However, nearly all the groups had people with experience in writing business plans, and so modified the template, or in one case ignored it completely. After half a day with the template, version 2.0 was in circulation between groups, a spontaneous product of the gestalt. In transitionese this is called "Letting It Go Where It Will." The templates are posted on the wiki.

  5. Thanks Peaksurfer. I looked pretty hard on the wiki, and have tried contacting them directly, but I couldn't find the templates either way... do you have a direct link by any chance?

  6. Try this. Its a direct link to a downloadable zip file:

  7. Many thanks Keith. That worked. In it I can see an array of standard business plan templates and financial. The document that caught my eye was Starting_and_Financing_a_Business-Checklist-Solari-10-20-08
    in which there seemed to be the beginnings of fields for considering principles and elements for articulating sustainability in a business. One term that caught my eye was "Total economic return". By its wording it sounds like it may be an accounting principle that encompasses all profit and losses, not just monetary. We have a term we use called "triple bottom line accounting" which in theory is meant to account for social, ecological and economic profit and loss. Easier said then done however.

    We are attempting to develop a small business planning course over here in NZ that will have people planning for sustainability. Your course and resources is the first thing I have come across that attempts to do that also. Our work progress is being documented on this wiki:

    We are waiting to hear back on funding at this stage, but we hope to be able to develop a text that takes a standard business plan template and financial and adds fields for sustainability. The project plan is on that wiki.

    I hope we can connect our work somehow and share what we find and develop. Please pass my link and contacts on to your people.


  8. Ah Keith! You've cured my wiki blindness! Just found the zip with text based info on Financial Permaculture. In it is a table that compares standard investment ideas with permaculture principles. That opens a light.