Tuesday, January 9, 2007

New Years Notes

Welcome to the new year.
My days are filled with webwork and developing our site for increased traffic and sales. Affiliate programs up the wazoo and lots of bogus scams and tedium. Just had a breakthrough trying to understand why I kept getting a broken link to a new pic on the site. Be forewarned. Never put the symbol '#' in the name of an image. It won't load in a browser and will keep giving you a broken link error message despite the fact that it shows up just fine in Dreamweaver.

So, I've updated the website, shrunk some pages by breaking them up into new pages (check out the recently uploaded
Another Kind of Energy or ComPost-Modernism by Peter Bane,
about the amazing work of Frenchman Jean Pain and his work on heating with composted brush material and methane generation.

Also just added links to these new stories:

Rocky Mountain Magic: High, Dry and Flourishing by Peter Bane
about creating a thriving healthy food forest garden in the arid heights of Colorado.

Designing the Permaculture Links by Jerome Osentowski and Peter Bane
about redesigning a golf course that requires NO pesticides, herbicides, or biocides of any kind, and is also a wildlife habitat with lots of wild edibles for animals and humans. What a concept!

If you haven't read it (or seen the DVD) you should check out
The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil by Megan Quinn. Cubans, it turns out, have already learned the lessons yet to be learned by most Americans (the average adult in Cuba lost 20 pounds while adapting to a sudden decrease in the amount of fuel available for farming). Havana now produces 40% of its food WITHIN the city limits.

The keyword of sustainable culture is Relocalization, which you can learn a lot more about at http://www.relocalize.net/groups/applebloomington
APPLE stands for Alliance for Post Petroleum Local Economics.

Mark Lakeman from City Repair is coming to Bloomington, IN this weekend to address the city council and neighborhood reps about redesigning the city for enhanced conviviality, sustainability, energy and transportation efficiency, and more.

Well, that was relaxing after the frustration of webwork, but, I must return to it. Ciao.

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