Wednesday, April 23, 2008

We regret to inform you......

When climate change and peak oil thinkers run out of other things to worry about, there’s always the endless, inevitable debates about whether we are facing a "fast crash" or a "slow grind." And I admit, I’m worried about my fellow environmentalists - because I think they are about to lose their favorite distraction. When no one was looking, we got an answer. Fast crash wins. And we’re in it now. In early 2008, the world’s food and energy train came off the rails. What was startling was that it didn’t happen either gradually or in a linear way - instead, things fell apart at an astounding rate, faster than anyone could have predicted...

It's about time to plant a garden, don't you think?

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  1. Yes, it is no surprise that when food production is diverted rather than increased that issues are to arise.

    As we know other easily but cautiously grown vegetation can be utilized to produce fuel.

    Heedlessness and a quick buck again have overtaken caution and proactive sustainable thought.

    I believe it is time for and up to us, the thoughtful common folk, to take charge of ourselves communally and act in our own best interest. Our gov't and corporations aren't.

    Though I already have started my own garden and education in providing myself with food, it is time to campaigning for more personal gardens, organize more community gardens, CSA's, Farmers Markets, as well as educate and bring the youth into the fray. They are a cheap easily molded national resource with summers off that don't have to cross international borders.