Thursday, May 29, 2008

"6-24 months before total shutdown"?

The companies that sell storage food are experiencing huge demand and some shortages. Plant a garden IMMEDIATELY and teach others. Gather mulch. Buy fruit trees / shrubs and get them planted ASAP.
Nitro-Pak Emergency Preparedness Center

...while it is still impossible to answer the question of "How much time is left", we might be able to use the price of oil and gas as some rough indicators of where we're at. We're hovering around $125/barrel and $4/gallon right now and already seeing significant slowdowns. Shutdowns likely begin around $200/barrel and $8/gallon. At $300/barrel and $12/gallon everything stops. If prices continue to rise at a pace even roughly resembling the trajectory of the past couple of years, this gives us anywhere between 6-24 months before total shutdown."


  1. Systems as complex as this very seldom behave in a linear fashion.

  2. Which is why the author stated that it is impossible to answer the question. He's merely pointing to one pattern that "might" offer some clues.

  3. $128 a barrel is so last month. $138 is the 'in' price.

    Come Monday, I am putting an offer in on a wonderful 30-acre site with several locations screaming out for a pond (including a ditch that could be made into a series of cascading ponds for aquaculture). there are also wild apple trees on site and many nannyberry trees.

    The bad news is that I'll be calling for you to visit further east than you usually go during your annual June tours of Ontario.