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Conference On Michigan's Future - Local Futures

Local Future
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Michigan's Future Conf.
Sustainability Conference
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Middleville (Pilot)
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Local Future: Paths to Sustainability
Conference on Michigan's Future
Nov. 14-16, 2008
Crystal Mountain Resort, Thompsonville, MI

"The Conference of Michigan's Future: Energy, Economy & Environment"
looks at the challenges of the monetary crisis and the oil crisis and proposes realistic, job creating solutions for Michigan.

Over two-dozen speakers are confirmed
including Richard Heinberg, Albert Bates, Ellen Brown, Paul Murray, Tony Earley, and Jerry Norica.

If you care about Michigan's future, take a moment to visit the Michigan Conference web site and consider participating to help create a brand new vision for Future Michigan.

Conference on
Peak Oil & Climate Change - Online

Local Future hosts the
International Conference on Peak Oil and Climate Change: Paths to

The inaugural conference features 50 presenters including Richard Heinberg, Julian Darley, Dr. David Goodstein, Megan Quinn Bachman, Stephanie Mills, and Pat Murphy.

NEW! - Watch conference presentations & download podcasts for free.

Introduction to Local Future

Unemployment, inflation, war, peak oil, climate change, biodiversity loss, overpopulation -- global problems that need local solutions.

Local Future helps communities develop compassionate, sustainable, local, systems to provide jobs, food, energy, transportation, and essential services.

Local Future Network members develop these systems by helping their
community to transition from dependent units of the failed global economy; to independent cultures of compassionate, sustainable, local economy.

Global Problems

The global economic system creates problems which threaten humanity and the planet:

  • peak oil
  • climate change
  • over population
  • resource depletion
  • widespread pollution
  • misallocation of power
  • institutional cruelty
  • economic instability
  • environmental destruction
  • geopolitical conflict & war

This unsustainable global economic system fails to protect humans, the environment, and the natural systems on which all life depends. It does not meet the long term goals of civilization.

When a system fails to such a catastrophic degree, it is time for change.

Local Solutions

New local systems must be developed that are grounded in a value system of truth, compassion, understanding, sustainability, renewal and community. Developing new systems takes dedicated individuals who share the common value system,
walk a common path, and move towards a common vision of the future.
Local systems are needed to provide:

  • jobs - that are challenging, safe and community oriented
  • money - community currency that creates jobs, motivates
    progress and reinforces values
  • food - that is nutritious, compassionate, sustainable, organic
    and available year-round
  • energy - heat, electricity and fuels from renewable sun, wind, water and biomass sources
  • transportation - utilizing ride sharing, mass transit, community vehicles and human power
  • homes - safe, comfortable and welcoming, zero energy new homes and retrofits
  • water - fresh, clean, free water that is owned and managed locally
  • waste management - emphasizing reduce, reuse and recycling
  • health care - high quality, low cost, community based services and prevention
  • education - local teachers dedicated to providing continuing service
  • security - utilizing open communication, problem solving, education and dialogue
  • entertainment - opportunities for all to participate and enjoy
  • culture - celebrating diversity and history
  • spirituality - inviting all people to explore the deeper questions of life

Members of Local Future Network communicate and meet to learn, support, plan, and act. They take the initiative to increase independence for themselves and their communities. Their shared value system of truth, compassion, understanding, sustainability, renewal and community guides their actions toward a vision of a prosperous local future.

Join Local Future

You are invited to make the future a better place.

Join the Local Future Network.

The Conference on Michigan's Future
Energy, Economy & Environment

Crystal Mountain Resort,
Thompsonville, MI
Friday, Nov. 14 - Sunday, Nov. 16, 2008

Local Future Videos
Lights, Camera, Action for Sustainability

Local Future published the following
videos for educational use. These videos, when combined with recommended
resources, provide an excellent start on learning how and why we will be living
a local future.

Peak Oil: The Energy Crisis of Oil Supply Depletion
Aaron Wissner, 10 min

Supply, Demand and Price: The Economics 101 of Peak Oil
Aaron Wissner,
1 min

Conference Welcome and the Greening of Grand Rapids Michigan
George Heartwell, 10 min

Peak Oil and Energy Explained by Dr. Vernon Ehlers, U.S. Representative

Vernon Ehlers, 14 min

Peak Oil (and Gas Prices) in Five Slides
Aaron Wissner, 3 min

What Does it Take to be Sustainable? Some Examples

Aaron Wissner, 9 min

Beyond Sustainability: Surviving Peak Oil and Climate Change
Pat Murphy, 38 min

Surviving Peak Oil, Thriving in Community
Megan Quinn Bachman, 33 min

Peak Oil: How do we know? Is recession coming? What about

Aaron Wissner, 3 min

Crude Awakening: Peak Oil and the End of Cheap Energy: Part 1
Tim Hudson, 1 hour

Crude Awakening: Peak Oil and the End of Cheap Energy: Part 2
John Richter, 1 hour

Re-Energizing America: Rescuing America from its Costly Fossil Fuel Addiction
Dan Chiras, 1 hour

Curtailment & Community: Survival Strategies for Peak Oil & Climate Change
Megan Quinn Bachman, 20 min

Interview with Megan Quinn Bachman on Peak Oil and Community Solutions
Megan Quinn Bachman, 15 min

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