Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Solar Assisted Rickshaw for Relocalized Transport

solar assisted rickshaw proposed for london photo

We have seen eco-cabs, electric motor-assisted rickshaws in Toronto; Now London's Solarlab, the team that brought us the Solar boat that Bonnie sailed on the Serpentine, adds solar. "The solar generatior will create 80% of the total power needed to drive the vehicle, while the remaining 20% will be provided by the drivers' pedal-power. The physical exertion needed will be dramatically less than that of even a standard bicycle, much less than a traditional rickshaw, allowing any driver, not just athletes, to drive the vehicle."

Found at Treehugger


  1. sounds fantastic! is it expensive?

  2. Don't have the details regarding price. I'll do a bit of searching and see what I come up with. You might do likewise and let me know what you find. Thanks.

  3. I visited Solarlab, the designers of the solar rickshaw but it seems that it is not actually in production. Too bad.