Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A simple technology that brings fresh hope

Case study

In the hot weather of Sudan, Hawa Abbas used to lose half of her tomato, okra and carrot crop.

Her world changed when she began working with Practical Action. As she herself says, “After many years of struggle, Practical Action came and showed us how to make pottery refrigerators. They are made of two different size pots. The smaller is put inside the bigger one and in between we put sand and wet it with water and cover it.”

“They keep our vegetables fresh for 3-4 weeks, depending on the type of crop. They are very good in a hot climate such as ours where fruit and vegetables get spoiled in one day.”

It is clear to Hawa Abbas how important this has been to her family. “Since I learned how to make zeer pots our life has been so much better.”

Clay refrigerator
Detailed background and instructions on how to make a zeer pot clay refrigerator

Clay-based technologies manual
A practical handbook on making clay refrigerators, water coolers and stoves, from Practical Action Sudan. This manufacturing manual has step by step instructions, photos and technical drawings.

Evaporative cooling
Download a technical brief on evaporative cooling from Practical Answers


without the Zeer

using the Zeer


2 days

20 days


2 days

20 days


4 days

17 days


4 days

20 days


1 day

5 days

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