Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Constitutional Amendment Heating Up

Outside, Washington, D.C. is smothered in near-record amounts of snow. But inside - inside the halls of government, to be specific - things are heating up.

What sparked the fire?

The Supreme Court ruled last month that corporations can spend unlimited amounts of money in our elections.

You already joined the fight to defend our democracy from a corporate takeover by signing Public Citizen's petition for a constitutional amendment to counteract this radical ruling.

I'm asking you to help grow the resistance by forwarding this email to 10 friends and family members and asking them to sign the petition, too.

We must preserve First Amendment rights for actual people and the press. The First Amendment was never intended to apply to artificial constructs like profit-hungry corporations.

Many members of Congress are introducing amendments and signaling their support, including Representatives Donna Edwards, John Conyers, Marcy Kaptur, Leonard Boswell and Dennis Kucinich, and Senators John Kerry, Arlen Specter and Chris Dodd.

A real movement is taking shape.

Our petition is already 45,000 citizens strong. People instinctively recognize the Supreme Court's decision for the disaster that it is.

But constitutional amendments do not come easy. We need a groundswell of support from every corner of the nation. We need hundreds of thousands of people to drive the legislative push in Congress.

The first step is building our petition.

Please forward this letter to at least 10 friends and family members today. Ask them to visit DontGetRolled.org and sign the petition, too.

Thank you,

Robert Weissman, President

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