Thursday, April 8, 2010

Post Carbon Institute Links

Are Americans Facing Reality About Water?
Interview with Sandra Postel • March 10, 2010
Celebrating Water Week 2010, Post Carbon Institute Fellow Sandra Postel discusses what the American population needs to know, sooner rather than later, about looming water scarcities... View video
Fear and Loathing in Ohio
Post by Asher Miller • March 26, 2010
The passage of health care reform legislation in the House of Representatives last weekend was met with such a crescendo of hyperbole and vitriol... Read more
Government 'Peak Oil Summit' Starts the Process of Government Acknowledging Peak Oil?
Post by Rob Hopkins • March 24, 2010
On Monday Peter Lipman and I represented Transition Network at an event which could potentially be the day people look back to as the day when the UK government finally started to 'get' peak oil... Read more
It's time to deal with Peak Oil
Post by Richard Heinberg • March 19, 2010
The "Peak Oil" concept — that the world's petroleum-production rate will soon reach its maximum... Read more
An Interview with David Orr, author of 'Down to the Wire'
Post by Rob Hopkins • March 18, 2010
David Orr was in the UK recently, and the two of us were part of a panel at an event organised by the Prince's Foundation for the Built Environment... Read more
The Emergence of an Unlikely Eco-Hero: Frank Luntz' "Manifesto for a Sturdy, Stable and Robust New America"
Post by Tod Brilliant • March 17, 2010
In January of this year, American political consultant Dr. Frank Luntz released a 17-page talking points memo... Read more
Changing the Conversation by Making it Safe to Have the Conversation
Post by Ken White • March 12, 2010
One of foundational challenges of any social movement is "changing the conversation." That is, transforming an existing paradigm... Read more
Getting to work in 2010: Our new plans...
Post by Bill McKibben • March 12, 2010
Dear Friends, Well, no one said it was going to be easy. Last year, thanks to many of you, we built up enormous momentum... Read more
Getting the Story Right
Post by Chris Martenson • March 11, 2010
Now that I have returned from my UK trip, where I had the opportunity to present the main story of the Crash Course at the Parliament... Read more
The Softer Side of Sustainability
Post by Zenobia Barlow • March 8, 2010
One reason I like to host seminars at the Center for Ecoliteracy is that you never know who is going to show up... Read more
Life After Growth
Article by Richard Heinberg • March 3, 2010
In 2008 the U.S. economy tripped down a steep, rocky slope. Employment levels plummeted; so did purchases of autos and other consumer goods... Read more

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