Friday, December 31, 2010

"Have you heard about Peak Oil?" (video)

Well-stated overview of peak oil (using adult language) with knee-jerk conservative talking points undermined logically (imagine that!).

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  1. So, if global oil production plateaued in 2006, we are now in 2011 that's 5 yrs from 2006. Where are we getting all the oil that we use today from ?
    Also, approximately when will we get to the point when we absolutely have to go off oil altogether?

  2. We are getting the oil from oil wells, same as we used to. The point of the video is that the cost of getting the oil is rising constantly while demand is also simultaneously rising. The tar sands in Canada are a point in case. When all the costs of water pollution, environmental destruction, the massive amounts of heat required, etc. we begin to see that we can't afford to extract it because we will not earn our investment back. There will come a point where the cost of extraction will exceed the value of the resource. If demand continues to increase we will reach that point even sooner. The best thing to do is to learn to live without it (or at least much less) as soon as possible, otherwise our children will learn our habits and suffer the withdrawal far more. It sounds like this is a new concept to you. Keep studying.

  3. Watch this video