Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Uncle Sam Wants You to Raise Chickens!

Our city council tonight is considering removing the 5 chicken limit and eliminating the requirement for getting permission from adjacent neighbors. There would still be a small annual registration fee and inspection. We hope to expand the limits to include other animals, too, overtime.

The impulse of rapid change and shocks to the economy may cause it all to happen much faster as people stop waiting for permission and simply take command of their own local destinies. Do all you can where you are...and take a stand. I guarantee, it WILL be challenged. Find your allies and hold strong.

Meanwhile, where the hell are the leaders who will stand up and say that all citizens must begin to throw off the chains of their dependency on the industrial producers, of food-like substances, that are destroying our soils, air, water and health? Don't wait for them to tell you. BE THE LEADERS! BE the ones we've been waiting for!

This article from Mother Earth News reminds us that once upon a time our government EXPECTED us to raise our own food to demonstrate our patriotism in a time of war (which we've been in for some time now, if you hadn't noticed). Now they want us to be dependent on huge, impersonal, uncaring, greed-motivated industries who produce nutritionally empty, over-processed, over-packaged, over-transported crap that keep us sick and dependent on a bloated industrial drug / insurance monopoly. We, the people, can do better.

Uncle Sam Wants You to Raise Chickens

… Or he did, back in 1918, as this poster illustrates.

Funny how things change, isn’t it? These days, people have to fight and petition and beg and plead in many municipalities to get their government to let them keep a few backyard hens. And even when city leaders permit it, they lay out complicated rules about how many, where and how the birds must be housed. And please! No roosters!
 As the poster so rightly points out, two hens per person will keep a family in eggs. The flock will take minimal effort, cost little and provide plenty of enjoyment, because chickens are fun to watch.

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