Saturday, February 9, 2013


We had us some fun, burnin’ it up like a billion little suns
Turning it day from night, yea we did it up right
It was a hydrocarbon party that was ragin’ for generations
But the Sun’s coming up now and, man, it ain’t pretty
We’re on the back-side of the peak (Hubbert’s Peak)
And it’s fallin’, fallin’, fallin’ down (fossil fuel production)
And we better start facing up to it (economic contraction)
Living on the backside of the peak
We had the power of the gods and the mind of a child
Energy-dense and pound-foolish – it’s a dangerous combination
Building towers to the heavens, digging pits halfway to hell
Moving mountains, oh we had so much energy to burn
We sucked the rivers dry, ravaged the forests, emptied the oceans of fish
We wrecked the climate, wasted the soil, and perpetrated mass extinctions
Wow, what a gas! What a gas! …but we’re out of gas now
(mournful sigh)

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