Thursday, December 13, 2007

Urine / Liquid Gold / Go With the Flow

For all of you who are beginning to think that peeing and pooping in clean drinking water is a bit crazy, the following books will give you direction and incentive to change your ways. There's no need to keep contributing to huge ocean dead zones, toxic red tides, acid seawater, brain damaged marine mammals, and dying coral reefs. One solution to these problems is learning to deal with our own shit and piss. These books will give you the tools to transform your wastes into food or even energy.

Kudos to those who have already started harvesting your homegrown liquid and solid resources.

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Liquid Gold: The Lore and Logic of Using Urine to Grow Plants by Carol Steinfeld
Pee=fertilizer. Witty, practical, liberating! Grow with the flow! Urine charge. A golden opportunity. Every day, we urinate nutrients that can fertilize plants that could be used for beautiful landscapes, food, fuel, and fiber. Instead, these nutrients are flushed away, either to be treated at high cost or discharged to waters where they overfertilize and choke off aquatic life. Liquid Gold details three ways to use urine hygienically and productively for plant growth, with studies that show the science behind this practice. Several advocates of urine diversion and their gardens are profiled, demonstrating that using urine for fertilizer is a feasible, safe, and cost-saving way to prevent pollution and save on fertilizer costs.

The Humanure Handbook: A Guide to Composting Human Manure by Joseph C. Jenkins Learn how to deal with your own shit. "Stop trying to change the world. Toilet-train the world and you won't have to keep changing it."(Swami Beyondananda) Here's all you need to know to make sewage treatment systems obsolete. Answers all the questions you never dared ask!

Composting Toilet System Book: A Practical Guide to Choosing, Planning and Maintaining Composting Toilet Systems by David Del Porto & Carol Steinfeld
An impressive, comprehensive, reader friendly, and practical guide to choosing, planning and maintaining composting toilet systems for those seeking an alternative to traditional sewer and septic tank systems. David Del Porto and Carol Steinfeld collaborate to explain the technologies, sources, applications, graywater issues, and regulations relevant to a composting toilet system for the home, whether manufactured or site-built.

Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands, Vol 1: Guiding Principles by Brad Lancaster
First of a 3-volume work, this book lays out an integrated approach to capturing water in landscape: swales, pits, diversion drains, urban runoff, and roofwater. Essential for drylands, useful everywhere.

Water Storage: Tanks, Cisterns, Aquifers, and Ponds by Art Ludwig
Covers water system design and construction of storage both in and above ground. Comprehensive, concise information about water quality, potential difficulties, and how to avoid them while creating your own supply for domestic use or fire control. With instructions for making ferrocement tanks.

Creating an Oasis with Greywater: Your Complete Guide to Managing Greywater in Landscape by Art Ludwig
An extremely practical and thorough primer detailing 18 systems that work and how they might fail; parts, design diagrams, operating and maintenance tips. Clear, logical, easy-to-read. The definitive guide.

Builder's Greywater Guide by Art Ludwig
How to fit greywater systems into the code with tried and tested methods. Thorough, precise, well-documented, with explicit building code references and diagrams.

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