Friday, August 14, 2009

Bioregional Congress #10 - Be There!

The 10th Continental Bioregional Congress will be held Oct. 4-11, 2009 on The Farm, one of the continent's premier ecologically-based communities, in Summertown, TN.

In the ceremonial village of the congress, we will share and celebrate stories of place, model the communities we wish to support and create, and organize for ecological and cultural restoration.

The congress will pilot the a bioregional curriculum – a toolbox of practices focusing on building, sustaining and relocalizing communities; reinvigorating culture and arts; and grassroots organizing for ecological restoration and policy change. The congress includes large group plenaries, ceremonies and celebrations; small group talking circles; open space workshops and presentations; men's and women's circles; and a bioregional school for children.

Holding this event at a successful 35-year-old ecovillage allows us to experience life in a permaculture-designed village full of earth-friendly housing, cooperative forestry, local foods, and consensus-based decision-making.

During a time of environmental devastation, social injustice and economic upheaval, CBC X unites activists, artists and writers, permaculturists and farmers, entrepreneurs, public policy-makers, community leaders, scientists and researchers, homesteaders and ecovillagers, children and adults, and all concerned about the state of the planet. We recognize that all justice, freedom and peace must be grounded in the recognition that we are part of the web of life. For More Information: Please visit or call 931/964-4474.

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