Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Good Bugs

Have you looked into Rincon-Vitova? They’re the oldest among commercial free-enterprise insectaries and have been a pioneer for a growing biological control industry and profession since the late 1950’s.

They supply predatory and parasitics beneficial insects, inoculants, nematodes, services and just plain old information to farmers and gardeners who want to use effective and sustainable technologies based on biological pest control by natural enemies. By maintaining an emphasis on building habitat diversity and conserving natural enemies they ensure biological control programs that are affordable and work.

Rincon-Vitova serves thousands of large and small farms, nurseries, green houses, landscape and interior plantscapers, livestock and composting operations, hotels and resorts, zoos, botanical gardens, government agencies, many research institutions, and private residences.

Read their blog at http://bugfarm.us/

and see the Catalog of Beneficials

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