Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Alcoholics Unanimous

Normally I wouldn't expect real news from Fox / Faux News but they did interview ethanol expert David Blume, permaculturist and author of Alcohol Can Be A Gas. This mind-opening interview (see the longer interview) highlights many of the main points as to why alcohol fuel is the smart, sustainable alternative energy solution (conducted by Wayne Garcia of Portland, Oregon, Fox 12 KPTV, in October 2007). (5:26 minutes).

Dave has been talking to folks all over the planet (Argentina, Russia, Mexico, West Indies, Africa about the potential of alcohol fuels.

I just got off of a Skype call with Dave and was blown away by the news he had to share. He's involved in talks with Ford Motor Co. about investing in a program to develop community alcohol cooperatives and they're interested.
Much to my surprise, Indiana, where I live, has 121 alcohol gas stations (though none in my hometown of Bloomington...maybe we can change that).

I also didn't know that millions of vehicles on US roads today can be fueled entirely on alcohol and that most of them were made by Ford. Hmmm.

Did you know that most cars on the road today (those with fuel injectors) could run gas with as much as 50% alcohol with NO modifications? I didn't until minutes ago. Our city councilors, (who just approved a Peak Oil Task Force report - see
Bloomington Preps for Peak Oil) would be thrilled to know that all city vehicles could be 100% supplied with alcohol from the city's waste treatment facility.

I know what I'll be discussing in our next Transition Bloomington meeting and in future meetings with Council members. Stay tuned.....

Meanwhile if you are new to this subject check out Dave's Busting the Alcohol Myths at his website.

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  1. Keith, I'm happy to see you profiling Blume and alcohol as fuel here on the blog. From being an ethanol skeptic myself before reading Alcohol Can be A Gass, to being persuaded to run against the conventional (green permie peakist) wisdom, I am now looking for how to kickstart something like an onfarm energy cooperative making our liquid fuel for farm use. It was suggested last fall to beware Blume's bravado, he 'promises more than he can deliver'. Seeing you post this makes me optimistic he will find an audience and get on with it!
    Ian in Dundas ON