Saturday, December 19, 2009

Taranaki Farm: Planting Keyline Forests with Darren Doherty

Mechanical Tree Planting Systems
As many of you know, planting trees can be a time consuming exercise. So what method do you use when you need to plant 3,500 trees? The answer is mechanical - and there a several options.

How to Plant a Tree

Darren demonstrates simple and economical methods of establishing new trees with minimum work. Learn about stimulating soil, using compost and mulching your trees from a permaculture perspective.

Staking 3,500 Trees

Join Darren Doherty on Taranaki Farm as he explains his process of staking out a forestry design. He details two new tree systems being developed on our farm.

Tree Pruning with Darren Doherty

An introduction to tree pruning in silviculture plus a brief segment on the use of our Caravaggi Bio 150 wood chipper / hammer mill.

Keyline Plowing with Darren Doherty

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