Saturday, December 27, 2008

Art / City Regreening / Water Catchment...

From the Seattle Times
and Punk Rock Permaculture


  1. what a great design! I bet you could even design the piping to water window boxes on its way down. And, since the water is being gathered from the roof the plants will be receiving more water than native plants typically receive. With the heat from the brick wall and all that water you could probably get some nice tropical plants growing!

  2. I love This So Much . I wonder if you have to fanagle some city ordinance or another.

  3. Leo,
    There is SO MUCH wasted water falling from the sky that these ideas deserve broad application. Glad to have started you thinking about the possibilities. Now get out there and manifest (and document) it. When you've got your own story to share, let me know.
    Keith (this blog editor).