Friday, December 19, 2008

Carbon Sink: CO2 becomes Soil!

Cows have lately been getting a bad reputation as contributing to the destruction of the atmosphere. Feedlot cows do, in fact. Grass-fed cows, on the other hand, can contribute to the removal of CO2 from the atmosphere...and you can help. Read on...
Here are some alternate sources, since CFA is now defunct.
The article is still practically appropriate.

Carbon Farmers of America is a company built around a vision of ecological restoration and hope.
Together, grassfarmers and conscious citizens can effectively grow new topsoil and reverse global warming.
Topsoil has the capacity as a carbon sink to capture the excess carbon in our atmosphere. And our soils desperately need that carbon.
Today, we have the knowledge we need to rapidly create new topsoil over much of the Earth’s surface. Given this knowledge, Carbon Farmers of America offers every American the most responsible choice available: create that topsoil starting today.
The front lines of this historic undertaking are family farmers holistically managing grassland farms and carefully planning the grazing of livestock.
The excess carbon dioxide in our atmosphere causing global warming can be transformed, through photosynthesis by grassland plants and then decay by soil life, into stable soil organic matter.
Soil organic matter is the key to soil fertility, true economic prosperity, climatic stability, clean and abundant water and vibrant human health. Once created, and under continuing good management, a significant portion of soil organic matter stays in soils for up to a thousand years.
If the American people were to restore the soil fertility of the Great Plains that we have destroyed in the last 150 years, atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide would be reduced to near pre-industrial levels.
Seen globally, the same results would be achieved if we humans were to increase the organic matter levels of the world agricultural and grazing lands by 1.6%.
(See Allan Yeomans, Priority One: Together We Can Beat Global Warming)
As we capture carbon dioxide and create true wealth through soilbuilding we must also radically reduce our emissions of greenhouse gases.
We the people have the power to stop global warming and restore the topsoil that is our truest wealth!
What We Do
Carbon Farmers of America trains, equips, scientifically monitors and provides ongoing support to member farmers across America to rapidly create new, high organic-matter topsoil. We pay our farmer members for every ton of carbon dioxide they capture in new topsoil.
Together, within the next ten years, we aim to create the new topsoil that will feed our descendants, insure clean and abundant waters and stabilize our climate.


  1. Is Carbon farmers of America still a viable organization? Seems to have died out in around 2008 with the economic downturn while CO2 in the atmosphere seems to be growing currently around 390 PPM. I will Carbon Farm anyway.....John Boy

  2. Here are some alternate sources, since it looks like CFA is defunct.