Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Looking for TIPS?

The International Permaculture Solutions Journal

After a long hiatus, Dan Hemenway of Barking Frogs Permaculture is reviving the International Permaculture Solutions Journal; Publication date for what will be Volume 2 is December 2009.

Volume 2 is 100 pages of solid information, no advertisements.
TIPS will be published on a CD, rather than a paper publication. The theme of this volume is Patterns in Permaculture. Authors include Dan Hemenway, Robert Waldrop, Bill Mollison, Joe Jenkins, Lonna Notchigal, Thelma Snell, Michelle Maggiore, and Noboru Motahashi.More details, including the full Table of Contents and the cover and masthead, can be found at ,

Pre-publication copies may be purchased at a discount for $20 plus $5 shipping and handling (US, $10 elsewhere). These will be identical to the later full-price copies except they will be in a plain CD box.


  1. Why waste the shipping and plastic? Just setup a download somewhere.

  2. Looks awesome great to see PI back!
    But, I too would rather just pay 15-20$ for the download as I don't even have a disk drive on my netbook!

    I write at

  3. Just to clarify...this is NOT the old Permaculture International Journal (PIJ) brought back to life but rather the further evolution of Dan Hemenway's work (now based in Fla.). If you download it, PLEASE do not publish it on the internet. Dan and his collaborators depend upon this income for their continued existence. To do so would amount to theft.