Sunday, October 18, 2009

Our Students Make Headlines....

Urban agriculture comes to Bloomington

Photo by Carrol Krause. The PVC hoop house shelters carrots and peppers and will serve well into the winter as a season-extender for other crops.

Story and Photos by Carrol Krause
Bloomington Herald-Times
September 5, 2009

The phrases “urban agriculture” and “urban farming” have become more common as people gain awareness of organic growing techniques, permaculture design, and food security. The city of Bloomington recently noted this national trend when it amended its UDO to approve urban agriculture, which it defined as “the growing of food crops through plant cultivation.”

That came about thanks to John Galuska and his wife Alice Dobie-Galuska, who joined others in lobbying the city for the change. Before the amendment was unanimously approved by City Council, it had been unclear whether the city might conceivably restrict a homeowner’s vegetable gardening activities. Now, urban gardeners can breathe a sigh of relief.

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