Monday, January 12, 2009

EROEI - The Eros of Energy

Energy Investment - Energy Return

Independent financial consultant Jim Hansen runs every investment through the “peak oil test”. In this presentation from the ASPO-USA 2008 conference, he explores traditional energy investments; opportunities in renewables, rail, and electrifying the transportation system; areas to avoid like airlines and trucking; and what to watch, like electric cars and the unwinding of globalization.

In this interview, ecologist and professor Charlie Hall looks at energy return on energy invested. Whether it’s a cheetah chasing antelope, or humans making ethanol — the energy we get back has to exceed the energy we put in, or the story is over. He compares oil’s energy return in the 1930’s (1 calorie invested returned 100 calories of energy) with the current situation (1:12) and still declining.

Presenters respond to the final question in the Q&A session at the close of ASPO-USA’s 2008 conference: how do we better harness the intellect, energy and commitment at this conference, and what one thing would you have people ask an elected official to do about peak oil?
This is seventh Peak Moment Conversation videotaped at ASPO-USA 2008. Other programs include:
Energy investment banker Matthew Simmons on "Oil and Gas - The Next Meltdown?"
Financial consultant Jim Puplava on "Making Financial Sense of the Coming Energy Crisis"
Energy analyst Randy Udall on "Peak Oil and Its Effect on Climate Change"
"Two Views of a Post-Oil Future" with author James Howard Kunstler (The Long Emergency) and Post Carbon Institute Founder Julian Darley
"Shocks, Shortages, and Scenarios - Planning for a Post-Oil Future" with Megan Quinn Bachman of Community Solutions, and Bryn Davidson of Dynamic Cities Project.
"Broadening the Peak Oil Conversation" with senior energy analyst Robert Hirsch and Kyle Saunders, "Professor Goose" of The Oil Drum website.

Peak Moment: Community Responses for a Changing Energy Future is an online television series showcasing perspectives and initiatives for local self-reliant living. The half-hour programs feature host Janaia Donaldson's conversations and on-site tours with individuals and communities preparing for accelerating energy decline, climate chaos, and economic uncertainty. 137 programs are on the net at and are cablecast on about two dozen community access TV stations nationwide.

Peak Moment Television is produced by Robyn Mallgren and Janaia Donaldson, Yuba Gals Independent Media of Nevada City, California. Contact: If you do not wish to receive these press releases, please contact me at above email address.

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