Thursday, January 8, 2009

Peak Moment Features Robert Hirsch & Kyle Saunders

Broadening the Peak Oil Conversation

from Peak Moment Television

aspo-usa_notice.jpgpm135_150.jpgSenior energy analyst Robert Hirsch reflects on the immediate liquid fuels problem, and the rebuilding of our entire energy system which will take at least twenty years. He reflects on comments made during the ASPO-USA 2008 conference presentations, noting that he remains optimistic about American response to the daunting challenges ahead.

Political science professor is the “Professor Goose” behind the Oil Drum website. He champions the need to learn from one another about complex, interdependent topics like the economy, energy, noting that every piece of information we can get can reduce uncertainty. In the question-and-answer session at the close of ASPO-USA’s 2008 conference, presenters respond about the current financial chaos and resource scarcity, how to encourage intelligent political action, the need for a peak oil high-visibility champion, peak oil’s relationship to climate change, and suggestions for household energy reduction. []

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