Thursday, January 8, 2009

Transition Indiana / Bloomington Launch on Cable Access

At the 7:00 PM Thursday Peak Oil Task Force meeting on Jan 8, Zach Mermel and Keith Johnson will introduce the Transition Movement to the task force members and on the following evening the meeting will be broadcast on the local Community Access Television Services on Channel 12 (dedicated to Bloomington City Government meetings and events). This will be a more or less formal and public launch of both Transition Indiana and Transition Bloomington.

We anticipate that this could generate new members and co-participants in the redesign process for a transition to a sustainable regional culture.

A general plan is emerging to create alliances with other local groups to create events and merge memberships for a broader outreach. For more information and opportunities to get involved go to these websites:

Transition Indiana
Transition Indiana on Blogspot
Transition US
Alliance for a Post-Petroleum Local Economy
Permaculture and Regenerative Design News
Bloomington Permaculture Guild

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