Thursday, January 29, 2009

Get help....with art, illustration, product development, etc.

Don Baker, a very skilled and experienced graphic and commercial artist at just finished animating a new logo graphic for the Permaculture Activist. It's one we designed to use on our Design Course Certificates. Take a look at it on our front page. I just added Don to the Planetary Directory at

Kolea Baker uses her many years of experience in art direction, design, client relations, marketing, product development, copyright and licensing. Degree in Advertising Art

Don Baker employs his years of experience in design, illustration, art direction, identity and product development. Degree in Advertising Art.

Don and Kolea founded and maintain, a website promoting the positive and inspiring stories about what individuals, groups, and organizations are doing to improve our world.

You may wish to contact them for similar kinds of service.

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